Belarus-EU dialogue became more structured, economy-oriented in 2017

The dialogue between Belarus and the European Union became more structured and economy-oriented in 2017, reads the Annual Review of Foreign Policy of the Republic of Belarus and Activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2017.


Visa-free travel program in the tourism and recreation zone Brest and Grodno during 10 days

Foreign citizens can stay in parts of Brest and Grodno regions without visas during 10 days


A new level of tax privileges for HTP residents in Decree No. 8 "On the Development of Digital Economy"

Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of 21 December 2017 No. 8 “On the Development of Digital Economy”  besides having regulated the turnover of tokens and Blockchain technology has also introduced new tax benefits and extended the validity period of the existing ones.


Belarus and Hong Kong concluded double taxation avoidance agreement

The Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement was concluded between Belarus and Hong Kong in Hong Kong on January 16, 2017. This Agreement establishes special rules for the taxation of residents of the Contracting States. For more information read the article of US Invest lawyer Andrei Slabko.


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