Pre-trial settlement of conflicts

Participation of a qualified specialist LLC "US Invest" in the settlement of disputes can largely determine the outcome. Our lawyers have a lot of practice of a judicial warrant of pre-trial settlement of conflicts, and therefore able to convey to his opponent consequences of misconduct, to convince the notorious wrong and adverse effects, thus eliminating the submission of the dispute to court. The opposite side becomes more attentive to the provided reeasons. Anticipating possible future recovery of additional funds, whether the penalty, damages, loss of profits or legal costs counterparty rethinks the situation and comes to a conclusion about the need to fulfill its obligations and to settle the dispute down. Thus, the pre-trial settlement of conflicts with our experienced professionals is an effective tool in protecting your rights.

We offer the following services for pre-trial settlement of the dispute:

  • Studying the materials and circumstances of the dispute, the legal assessment of its pre-trial and judicial perspective;
  • Development and discussion of the strategy of pre-trial settlement of the dispute;
  • Preparation of motivated claims, warnings, and other documents;
  • Preparation of review to the claim of the counterparty;
  • Negotiating and correspondence with the counteragent on behalf of the Client.

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