Translation and legalization of legal documents

International relations are becoming more and more varied and diverse and the demand for a professional translation is growing rapidly.4 lang

Legal translations are necessary to solve a wide range of problems.

The translation of legal documents requires excellent knowledge of language, business-letter style and the rules of the arrangement of legal documents. To be able to transfer information a translator should keep it brief and to the point.

Translation services include not only high-quality translations made by professional translators but also editing and reading by editors and experts in the area of the translated text. In difficult cases of translating an important legal document lawyers are also attracted.

At Client’s request, we can also arrange a document to be certified by a notary.

Documents issued in one country that have legal force on the territory of that country can be used on the territory of another country only after legalization, if other is not stipulated by the legal system of the country or by the terms and conditions of international agreements, which abolish legalization procedure when both countries are the members of the agreement.(List of countries, Belarus has signed the agreement on legal assistance service that do not require documents’ legalization and the official seal on them)

Today there are two widely known ways of legalization - consular certification and simplified certification (Apostil).

Consular certification is a confirmation of compliance with the legal system of the issuing country and certification of the authenticity of the signature of a public officer, his/her status and, if needed, the seal of an authorized institution on the acts and documents in order to use it in another country.

Apostil is a custom stamp that certifies the authenticity of a signature and status of a public officer and in some cases the authenticity of a seal. Apostil of documents is a confirmation of the legal force of the documents. (List of countries joined the Hague Convention October 5th ,1961 that cancels the requirements for legalization (as of May 23d, 2012)


The translators, who work in LLC “US Invest” team, make translations, edit texts, and provide notary certification and legalization of the following documents:

  • business documents:

- Buying and selling contracts;
- Insurance contracts;
- Insurance policy;
- Rent (leasing) contracts;
- Employment contracts;
- Loan contracts and agreements;
- International contracts and agreements;
- Financial orders and guaranties;
- Court and investigatory documents;
- Certificates and warrants;
- Regulatory documents;
- Licenses;
- Letters of attorney;
- Seals, stamps etc.

  • personal documents:

- Passports;
- CVs;
- Marriage certificates;
- Divorce certificates;
- Birth certificates;
- Death certificates;
- Prenuptial agreements;
- Visa application documents;
- Consent to an abroad trip of an underage children etc.

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