Legal advice

The professional team of LLC “US Invest” gives oral and written advice on a wide range of law questions in various areas of the law of the Republic of Belarus to both individual persons and legal entities.

Major areas of advice provided by our team:

Establishment, activity and termination of the activity of a legal entity; realization and termination of the business activity of an individual person; Economic activity (including integrated analysis of contractual relations with contractors and offering various ways of cooperation based on the requirements of civil, tax and tariff legislation of the Republic of Belarus); Providing all the information on passing, issuing and coming into effect of standard legal acts, monitoring and analyzing of amendments and additions made into effective standard legal acts; Procedure and execution of civil law contracts; Industrial law; Licensing; Taxation; Price formation; Management responsibility; Foreign trade activity, currency transaction; Investments activity.

“US Invest” LLC.
You can contact us and ask questions by the following means:
Tel.: GSM +375 (29) 319-07-79, +375 (17) 336-98-28
Address: 25G Filimonova str., office 405, Minsk

Contact persons:

dda Asm -slnp Iryna Yakavina
Dzmitry Dziaruhin

Andrei Slabko Iryna Yakavina