Migration process for your employees

Movement of foreign labor is one of actual matters in foreign companies’ business in Belarus. We introduce you the main steps of this process. We hope after reading this article you’ll be able to organize your business in Belarus better. 482310


It’s common requirement of the law that foreigners must receive visa before arrive in Belarus. There are several kinds of visas: business visa, work visa, private visa etc. Your employee must receive work visa if he wants to work in Belarus, but if there will be any negotiations a business visa is appropriate too.


A foreign citizen must get a Special Work Permit to be able to work in Belarus legally. There are several consistent steps of getting a Special Work Permit:

1) filing of information about vacancy in your Company;

2) filing of documents to obtain a Special Work Permit.

These two steps usually take about a month. So you have to take this term into consideration.

Your employee is allowed to receive a work visa only after obtaining a Special Work Permit.

Registration and getting Temporary Residence Permit

Your employee must register himself in Belarus in five days after arrival. This procedure won’t take a lot of his time.

Temporary Residence Permit allows a foreigner to stay in Belarus during the term of Special Work Permit, but not longer than 1 year.

Compliance with these simple recommendations is the basis of your employees’ successful work in Belarus.

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