Company policy

1. Our team.

- Our company is a united and well-organized team of like-minded people.

- We build relationship based on trust.

- We believe that personnel and professional qualities of each of us make us a team.

- We are ready for open and honest conversation both with colleagues and with clients.

- We consult with each other on the projects being implemented to us. When it’s time to make the final decision, we take into account the point of view of our colleagues, even if it differs from our own.

- We encourage and support the professional development of each of us.

2. Work with clients.

- The main thing in dealing with clients is building trust and credibility with us.

- We regularly give feedback to our partners.

- We are proud to have organized high-quality services that reflect our professional abilities and allow us to give qualified advice on emerging issues and the needs of our clients.

- We try to be objective and impartial, even if the information provided by us does not meet the positive expectations of the client.

- We are guided by the provisions of the current legislation, generally recognized ethical principles and norms.

3. Document control

- We properly document our business operations and obligations to clients in accordance with the policy of “US Invest" and the relevant legal and professional requirements.

- We charge for our services in accordance with the terms of the contract for the provision of legal services and our professional rules.

4. Time and expense.

- We control actual hours of work and expenses related with execution of the client's order.

- All additional costs that are not agreed at the beginning are additionally determined with the client.

- We try to optimize the costs of clients both for our services and the costs connected with the business activity.

5. Our objectivity and independence.

- We support and confirm our objectivity and independence, recognizing that they are very important for our professional duties.

- We have an appropriate sense of professional skepticism in the conduct of work.

- We resist undue influence from our clients and/or third parties.

- We do not allow conflicts of interest which can impair our objectivity and independence.

6. Respect for intellectual capital.

- We respect and protect information received from our clients and personal information about our employees, in accordance with ethical standards, applicable law and professional standards.

- We take preventive measures to preserve our documents, computer equipment, other devices containing personal or other confidential information.

- We do not use confidential information received from our clients for personal gain or to the detriment of their interests.

- Each employee of US Invest maintains high  level of professional knowledge and skills, constantly updating them taking into account changes in the current legislation.

- Our goal is to offer the best ways to solve the tasks set for us.