Representing client’s interests

Representing clients in commercial and other disputes, in relations with contractors and government agencies, as a rule, goes through several stages:

- verification of contracts, agreements, clarification of the circumstances of the case and the formation of position in the case;

- pre-trial settlement of disputes;

- representation in court;

- assisting enforcement proceedings.

Our company represents the interests of its clients in government and regulatory bodies, provides representation in the economic courts of the Republic of Belarus, International Arbitration Court at the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce (both before and during the trial), we also provide representation of interests on a rental relationship in the field of customs law, the classification of goods, customs valuation and clearance of goods.

In addition, lawyers of LLC "US Invest" provide legal protection for the conduct of audits by tax authorities, other governmental and regulatory bodies, including making objections to acts of checks and challenge the decisions of the supervisory bodies in the pre-trial order, and in the Commercial Court.

The objections are made in a written form on one or more episodes of a tax audit and other audits perforemed by governmental bodies in order to protect the legitimate rights and property of the Client. The service includes the preparation of motivated objections based on the documents provided by the Client and the norms of legislation.

Pre-trial settlement of disputes is a procedure of independent (out of court) resolving of disputes arising between the parties in civil law relations, and between business entities and regulatory agencies. This procedure assumes the settlement of disputes on the basis of consent, cooperation, and mutual accommodation through negotiations, meetings and an exchange of letters.

This method is the most optimal solution for the parties, because it does not involve appeals to courts, state executive authorities and is not associated with the use of state enforcement.

As part of the pre-trial settlement LLC "US Invest":

  • assists with the conclusion, performance or termination of the contract;
  • prepares complaints to the counterparty (with calculation of damages caused to the client, as well as the amounts of fines, penalties and interest on borrowed money);
  • prepares responses to the claims of creditors (suppliers) of the Client,
  • takes part in the negotiations related to the discussion of directed / received claims;
  • provides documentation of reached agreements;
  • performs other activities related to the order of claims settlement.

Specialists of "US Invest" provide comprehensive support at a trial. We offer the following services for representation in court:

1. Analysis of documents and preparation of a written opinion on the problems of identifying all possible options for its resolution;
2. Preparation of the statement of claim, statement of defense;
3. Representation in court (on the side of the plaintiff or defendant) in disputes:
4.Drafting petitions and applications;
5. Appeals against decisions made by the court of first instance;
6.Support of the case on execution;
7. Preparation of applications for recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards.

Client’s participation is limited to providing and signing the necessary documents, assisting with making up a position on the case. Further Client is informed about the process, the results of the trial and the date of execution of the court’s decision. Our aim is to to limit the Client’s direct participation in litigation, minimize legal costs.

Our company guarantees the confidentiality of all information about your company.


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