Support of purchasing or selling a share in the statutory fund of legal entities of the Republic of Belarus

Purchasing or selling a share is one way for new persons to become members of LLC (ADL), as well as one of the ways for a member of a company to terminate powers within a certain LLC (ADL). Processes of purchasing and selling shares, including subsequent registration of changes to the Charter, may differ by the terms of sale and the norms of the specific Charter of the LLC (ALC).

As a rule, for preliminary assessment of the scope of work and beginning of a discussion of the service provided, you will need to prepare:
- copies of the documents of the company where a share is to be purchased;
- information about the price and terms of sale;
- information on the history of formation of the being sold share (for example, whether the share belongs to the participant since the moment when the company was created or it was obtained as a result of purchase and sale);
- information about the terms of the transaction between the seller and the buyer.

When supporting purchasing or selling of a share (part of a share), we can help you doing the following:
- legal analysis of documents (legal audit);
- drawing up a draft of a share purchase and sale agreement;
- preparing drafts of necessary protocols, notifications, etc.;
- preparing changes to the Charter of LLC (ALC);
- supporting registration of changes and additions to the Charter.

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