Registration of a legal entity in the Republic of Belarus "on a turnkey basis"

To realize a project as a resident of the HTP and enjoy the benefits provided by the country, first of all it is necessary to register a legal entity in the Republic of Belarus.

Commercial organizations in the Republic of Belarus are created in the form of:
- unitary enterprise;
- economic company (a company with limited (additional) responsibility; open and closed joint-stock companies).

The most common form of registration of a legal entity in the Republic of Belarus is a limited liability company (LLC).

Founders of legal entities can be both Belarusian and foreign natural persons and legal entities.

The minimum number of founders to set up a company in Belarus – 1.

To get started we need:
- information about the planned founders of the company;
- the planned size of the statutory fund;
- whether there is a room (address) for the location of the company;
- information about the planned leader;
- main activity.

"US Invest" LLC can provide a complex of services for the registration of a legal entity "on a turnkey basis":
- consulting on the issues of registration of a legal entity;
- preparation of drafts of documents required for registration, including founders’ documents (the Charter, protocols, decisions);
- name approval;
- representation of interests in the registering body during the process of registration of the company and obtaining a certificate of registration;
- receiving document on recording the registration of a new legal entity in government authorities;
- ordering and receiving the seal;
- providing support in obtaining a book of comments and suggestions and a check record book;
- advising on opening a current account;
- preparing a notification letter for tax inspectorate;
- providing drafts of employment contracts with the director, the accountant (if necessary).

If necessary, we also provide assistance and support when translating documents from a foreign language, notarizing the authenticity of the translator's signature, notarizing copies of documents.

Main expenses when opening a company: state fee, producing a company stamp, purchasing a check record book and a book of comments and suggestions, translation services, notarizing documents (if necessary).

There are some peculiarities when registering a company with a foreign element (a foreign company or a foreign citizen).

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