Revenue criteria for the usage of Simplified Tax System in 2019


“US Invest” LLC lawyer – Andrei Slabko

On 1 January 2019, a new edition of the Tax Code (hereinafter - TC) came into force. As in previous years, the Tax Code established new criteria under which economic entities can use the Simplified Tax System (hereinafter - STS).

In the new edition of Tax Code, the regulations on STS are contained in article 32.

What are the revenue criteria for the organizations that want to use the Simplified Tax System?

In order to use the STS without paying VAT, the organization’s revenue should not exceed 1 337 415 Belarusian rubles in 2019. If the organization’s revenue exceeds the specified amount, the organization has to start using the STS with the payment of VAT. If the revenue exceeds 1 948 208 rubles, the organization has to stop using STS and start using general procedure for the calculation and payment of taxes starting from the month following the reporting period in which the revenue was exceeded.

Revenue limits in 2019 for the usage of the STS in 2020

 In order to use the STS in 2020, the organization’s revenue can’t exceed 1 465 565 Belarusian rubles in 9 months of 2019.

Учет при применении УСН в 2019 году

Criteria for the STS usage in 2019

The organizations whose revenue since the beginning of the year does not excess 738 000 Belarusian rubles has the right to keep records in income and expenditure account books. At the same time, if the organization’s revenue since the beginning of the year cumulatively exceeds 492 000 rubles, the organization does not have the right to keep records in income and expenditure accounts books and has to keep accounting records on a general basis.