How to help businesses deal with the aftermath of a pandemic?

Avoiding and minimizing risks, solving existing problems are the tasks that we can solve!

Today everyone has heard the news about the spread of coronavirus. The negative impact of COVID-19 on business is an obvious fact. Most companies have already experienced direct or indirect consequences of a pandemic.


How to solve problems and urgent issues?

How to minimize costs and keep earning today?

 To solve the tasks, promptly response and to elaborate on the issues and problems of your business, US Invest formed a group of lawyers, experts from various practices.

Basic principles and methodology are:

  • An integrated approach to assessing the impact of a situation caused by a coronavirus on your business;
  • Development of an individual package of measures;
  • Immediate implementation and monitoring of results.


We are ready to help you in the following areas:

 Commercial activities and corporate practice:

  1. Transferring employees to part-time / remote work;
  2. Responsibility for default in connection with measures to combat the spread of the virus;
  3. Changing the terms of existing contracts taking into account the current situation;
  4. Support for documenting absentee voting on the adoption of company decisions during the remote holding of the general meeting of participants;
  5. Changing the terms of existing partnership, shareholder agreements on the obligations of participants (business partners) taking into account the current situation;
  6. Advising and implementing the company restructuring process.


What do construction companies need to consider in relation to the spread of coronavirus?


If you started construction:

  1. Contractual conditions: the presence of provisions on force majeure (viruses, epidemics) and its consequences for the parties;
  2. Viruses, epidemics - as a possible basis for changing or terminating a contract;
  3. Planning the supply of equipment and materials, especially given the closure of borders by foreign countries;
  4. Reduction of staff due to a decrease in the volume of work: is it legally?
  5. Postponement of construction: negotiations with the customer.


If construction has not yet begun:

  1. Preparation of the contract and mandatory accounting of the distribution of coronavirus as force majeure, grounds for postponement of construction, etc.
  2. Determining the optimal list of personnel required for preparation of construction. Given the further uncertainty of the spread of the virus, consider the timing of registration of labor relations;
  3. Supply of materials and equipment: market analysis and logistics solutions.



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