Trade, Work and Services

- drawing up foreign economic contracts for the supply of high-tech equipment on the condition of its preliminary testing on the territory of the Republic of Belarus;

- drawing up contracts, including foreign economic contracts, for providing service for electric locomotives;

-preparation of investment draft contracts for Chinese and Belarusian investors on the implementation of projects in construction activity area;

- preparation of documents for amending the investment agreement concluded with a large Chinese company implementing a project for the reconstruction of hotel and restaurant buildings;

- elaboration of a car rental agreement;

- elaboration of an agency agreement in the implementation of coupons for receiving discounts on goods and services;

- elaboration of the agency agreement for the organization specializing in the sale of flower bouquets;

- elaboration of contracts for companies that provide design services for exhibition pavilions;

- elaboration of a contract for consulting services for obtaining Schengen visas;

- elaboration of a contract for the assignment of exclusive rights.