Construction and Real estate

- advising and legal support of the Chinese construction and engineering company in the implementation of the project for the construction of a large industrial facility in the field of light industry;

- advising and legal support of the Chinese design and engineering company in the process of implementing the project on electrification of sites for the BelNPP;

- advising and providing legal support to a Chinese company in the process of implementing a project on electrification of the railway;

- advising, preparing documents and supporting the process of obtaining a certificate of technical competence, certification of construction work, obtaining accreditation of the general contractor of the first category for a large Chinese company and for a Belarusian legal entity created with the involvement of Chinese capital;

- preparation of construction contracts, contracts for installation and commissioning;

- full legal support for the sale and purchase of offices, as well as incomplete buildings;

- restoration of legal documents on the property;

- advising on the procedure for acquiring an office in the Republic of Belarus by a Chinese company and a foreign citizen, as well as on the tax procedure related to the acquisition and use of the property in the territory of the Republic of Belarus by a non-resident;

- participation in a seminar organized by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China as a resource person in real estate regulation issues;

- participation and support, on the side of a large trading and construction company from the People's Republic of China, for the process of concluding an agreement on the sale of hotels and restaurants, according to the results of the auction held by the state body;

- maintenance of re-registration of documentation related to the transfer of ownership of the hotel and restaurant buildings; transfer of rights to a land plot, on the basis of a lease agreement for a land plot where the buildings of a hotel and a restaurant are located;

- preparation of documents for obtaining permission to re-register the right of use of a land plot;

- preparation, applying for obtaining permits for the withdrawal of land for construction of the facility;

- preparation of documentation for obtaining permission of the executive committee for construction.